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Milan Matoušek

Director of Strategic Recruitment

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Czechoslovak Group

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As the Czechoslovak Group, we continue the tradition of Czechoslovak industry. We support the development of traditional Czech and Slovak companies engaged in defence and civilian industrial production and trade. Among our dozens of companies are successful newcomers that have gone from zero to hundreds of millions of dollars in sales within five years, as well as companies with an unbroken tradition of production for over a hundred years. The most famous brand of our holding is Tatra Trucks from Kopřivnice, but we have many more companies that are unique in the Czech Republic and sometimes even internationally.

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Michal Strnad, owner of CSG Group

People are the most important thing in business

"My dad started building the band back in the 90s. I joined the company actively in 2011, when I gradually moved through various positions and companies of the growing holding and in 2015 I became the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Czechoslovak Group.

In business, I learned very quickly that the most important thing is the people, the team of professionals who support me every day or independently decide on important projects. I am glad that we have managed to get a number of skilled people, but there are never enough of them.

If you're wondering which direction to take in your management journey, you've come to the right place. We would be delighted if you would contact us through this website, even casually, without the need to change your location quickly. You will learn about us, we will learn about you and this will open the door for possible cooperation in the future.

I wish you every success in your work, may the companies and institutions where you now work prosper, and I hope to get to know some of you as colleagues in time."

Michal Strnad

Chairman of the Board of Directors
Owner of CSG Group

Building a global CSG group
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From the heart of Europe, we are building a strong global brand, at the cutting edge of modern industry. Our products will help ensure a safer and more stable future.
We create solutions and technologies that future generations can build on. We build on team players: proud, smart and agile companies around the world. Together, we will be among the world leaders in industrial innovation and sustainable development.
CSG Strategic Recruitment Director

CSG is a dynamic and rapidly evolving organism

Let me introduce myself. I am Milan Matoušek, Director of Strategic Recruitment at Czechoslovak Group. My task is to find the best people for our group, with whom we can build the Czech industry. I myself have had a varied career from psychologist and recruiter to headhunter and I can responsibly say that CSG is the most interesting place I have ever worked. This is mainly due to the personality of the owner and CEO of the entire group in one person. Michal Strnad is an extremely active and hard-working manager who communicates from morning till night not only with his subordinates and colleagues, but also with customers or suppliers of his companies. He is results-oriented, demands clear information from his team and is able to take strategic decisions quickly on the basis of this information. This means that working at CSG is not suitable for those who want to operate quietly within a corporate bureaucracy. CSG is a dynamic and rapidly evolving organism.

Whoever suits the dynamic style has the opportunity to have an interesting long-term career at CSG and to participate in building a truly exceptional industrial group, which ranges from automotive, rail and defence to aerospace. This is evidenced by the stories of our managers, which you can read here. I am proud to have brought some of them into the Group.

Do you want to learn more about CSG and perhaps become part of the unique story of how a small family business became a multinational industrial holding? Please leave me your contact details and I will get back to you shortly.

Milan Matoušek

Director of Strategic Recruitment

Milan Matoušek, ředitel strategického náboru CSG
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Milan Matoušek

Director of Strategic Recruitment