Sustainability is the cornerstone of the CSG industrial group

We grow sustainably. We continuously invest in the companies that are part of the CSG, also with the aim of reducing the ecological footprint and energy intensity of their production. We are developing our corporate governance and continuously improving conditions for our employees.
Přehrada Větřkovice
Strategic objectives and activities

Group governance

We believe in transparent communication, thorough governance and careful risk management. These priorities ensure that our corporate governance is sustainable and effective.

Transparency and disclosure of information
Group governance and management
Risk management and compliance

Social responsibility

People are the foundation of our operation. From our employees to the communities in which we operate, we focus on promoting fair practices, supporting community development and ensuring a sustainable supply chain.

Labour practices and human rights
Community involvement and development
Supply chain management


A responsible approach to business is paramount. We are committed to minimising our environmental impact and exploring opportunities in renewable energy.

Reducing environmental impacts
Renewable energy sources
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CSG 2023 Sustainability Report

Read CSG's latest sustainability report, which describes how we are meeting our sustainability strategy and ESG regulatory requirements.

Download the report in pdf
CSR in Czechoslovak Group

We act responsibly

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities are an integral part of CSG's operations. CSG prioritises projects in the areas of healthcare, support for science and education, culture and sport. We protect the legacy of our ancestors, and this motivates us to continue to be responsible in all areas of our business.

NATO Days, 2023, F35
We support the development of leukaemia drugs
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Slovenská strela
Graduates of the Tatra to Schools project
Employee support
Tatra Trucks
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Chief Sustainability Officer

At CSG, we are turning the challenge of sustainability into one of our most valuable opportunities in our quest to successfully combine traditional values with the promise of a better future.

Serge Damian

Serge Damian

Chief Sustainability Officer