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Fostering innovation and innovative solutions is one of the fundamental pillars on which CSG is building its future. Companies from all divisions come up with innovative projects and products knowing that only by staying ahead of the technology curve will they remain competitive in their dynamically evolving fields. Innovation is also strongly supported at the holding company level. Cooperation with universities and academic institutions is being established to identify areas, fields and products to focus on. The result of these activities is a continuously expanding inventory of innovations and innovative products.
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CSG's approach to innovation and research

We rely on innovation

Synergies between industries

We use our Group's unique combination of sector expertise to drive innovation and develop new technologies.

Leader in technological development

We invest in cutting-edge development programs to build and maintain our position as a technology leader in the world.

Cooperation with the public sector

We collaborate with universities and research institutes to share knowledge and create breakthrough solutions.

In-house R&D labs

We invest in in-house research and development laboratories to develop new technologies and improve existing products.

Strategic partnerships

We partner with technology leaders and industry experts to stay at the forefront of innovation and technology development.

Customer-led Innovation

We put in place mechanisms to involve customers in the innovation process, ensuring that our solutions perfectly match market needs.

Current innovations

GREEN CORE - 100% biodegradable ammunition

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Universities support

We cooperate with leading universities

Examples of partnerships between our companies and divisions and the academic sector
University logo VŠB-TUO

On 1 February 2023, VŠB - Technical University Ostrava and CSG Aerospace, a member of the Czechoslovak Group holding, concluded a cooperation agreement. Its aim is to increase the level of educational, scientific, research and development potential and technical development of the parties. In the agreement, both parties declare cooperation in several areas such as technical fields or mechanical and electrical engineering technologies. However, the cooperation will also cover the field of human resources development, both parties are interested in jointly improving the professional level of not only the university students but also the employees. New opportunities will be jointly sought in education, research, development, innovation and expert activities, and this will also be the focus of cooperation between the two parties.

logo Technical University of Liberec
Technical University of Liberec

CSG Aerospace, a division of the Czechoslovak Group holding, entered into a cooperation agreement with the Technical University of Liberec on 20 April 2023. It was signed by CSG Aerospace CEO Aleš Klepek and the Rector of the Technical University of Liberec Miroslav Brzezina. The agreement will help to create a common space for the creation of projects in the field of education, industrial research, development, innovation and expert activities beneficial to both parties. Technical University of Liberec and CSG Aerospace will cooperate and coordinate their projects in technical fields such as mechanical and electrical engineering technologies. However, the cooperation will also concern the development of human resources, which will bring an increase in the professional level not only of students, but also of academic staff and employees of CSG Aerospace companies. Last but not least, the companies belonging to the division and the university will strive to apply the results of the cooperation in practice and in the production of new products.

Univerzita Pardubice logo
University of Pardubice

On 11 January, representatives of the CSG Aerospace division, which is part of the Czechoslovak Group holding company, signed a framework agreement with the University of Pardubice on cooperation in the field of industrial research and experimental development, as well as in the allocation and education of students. The agreement creates a unique concept of cooperation between the academic sphere and important experts from practice. For selected areas of technical disciplines, physical phenomena and principles, mechanical and electrical engineering technology, implementation agreements will be created, which will specify the conditions of cooperation in the given area. Collaboration between the University and CSG Aerospace will focus primarily on advanced sensors and sensor applications, supporting and securing robotic and autonomous UAV/UGV platforms, augmented and virtual reality for improving situational awareness, or the implementation of artificial intelligence in the products and environments of CSG Aerospace division companies. At the same time, the work on joint projects will contribute to increasing the level of educational, scientific, research and development potential of the University of Pardubice and the professional level of its students, as well as to the technological development of CSG Aerospace companies and their employees.


On February 7, 2023, Zdeněk Novobilský, CEO of Excalibur Army, signed a memorandum of cooperation with the University of Mining and Metallurgy - Technical University of Ostrava. On this occasion, the representatives of the individual faculties introduced the company's laboratories and scientific workplaces to the representatives of the company. There was a lot to see - from student projects, supercomputers to innovations in 3D printing. The signing of the memorandum was a follow-up to the visit of the university representatives to the company's headquarters in Šternberk, where the issue of cooperation at the level of science, research, support for students and their activities was raised.

University of Defence

Excalibur Army, a member of the Czechoslovak Group holding company, signed a framework cooperation agreement with the prestigious University of Defence in mid-2021. Excalibur Army will be involved in defence research projects that are underway at the university. The company from Šternberk has also offered the university students the premises of its plant for internships and placements. It was already agreed at the time of signing the contract that the university's academic staff would be involved in the preparation of expert opinions on the projects of the DITA self-propelled howitzer, the TREVA recovery vehicle, the DECON decontamination vehicle and the TRITON firefighting vehicle. Furthermore, the University of Defence will participate in the research and development of a new self-propelled 155mm calibre howitzer, which will meet NATO standards, and prepare expert opinions for projects financed by EU structural funds. Both sides also committed to provide each other with information in the field of research and development of military and integrated rescue system equipment. The conclusion of the agreement with the military university is a prestigious matter for Excalibur Army, which is expected to strengthen the company's position on the domestic and foreign market.

Hradec Králové University

The CSG Aerospace Division has entered into a cooperation with the University of Hradec Králové. The agreement was signed on behalf of CSG Aerospace by CEO Aleš Klepek, COO Tomáš Vlček and Vice President for Research, Development and Innovation Bohuslav Přikryl. On behalf of the University of Hradec Králové, the Rector Kamil Kuča and the Head of the Centre for Advanced Technologies Richard Cimler signed. The partnership establishes a framework for the implementation of joint industrial research and experimental development and also highlights the strategic intent of the CSG Aerospace division to raise its own level of technology and excellence. It focuses on key areas of technology development such as artificial intelligence, big data, robotic and autonomous systems, advanced sensor systems and situational awareness tools. The collaboration also includes the allocation and development of human resources contributing to raise the professional level of not only students, but also university academics and employees of CSG Aerospace division companies.

Support for science

Popularising science

We are the general partner of the Czech Head project

Every year we award the Industrie Prize for the most significant product or technological innovation that has been created in the Czech Republic in the last few years on the basis of our own research or in cooperation with a research organisation. The winner of the Industrie Prize can be a domestic or foreign legal entity with its registered office and activities in the Czech Republic, and together with the prize, it will receive the opportunity to mark its technology or product with the protected "INVENTED IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC" mark.

We are a general partner of the Forbes Better Czechia event

We are a general partner of Forbes Better Czechia, an intellectual festival that addresses the most important topics in the Czech Republic today. The Better Czechia project analyses the economy, the quality of life and the level of freedom in our country. It connects the political, business, intellectual and cultural elite of Czech society.

CSG Innovation Director

CSG is an innovative group. We are still dealing with innovation at the level of individual companies. However, we are intensively developing internal processes to deal with innovation.

Bohuslav Přikryl

Vice President of Research, Development and Innovation, CSG Aerospace

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