Retia's ReTwis 5⁺ radar sees through walls

The unique small portable radar ReTwis 5⁺ (Retia Through-Wall Imaging System) is capable of detecting living beings behind a wall or other non-metallic obstacle. Thanks to its technology, the radar can detect living beings both in motion and at rest. Retia has successfully offered this innovation in Europe and in the USA, where it is used by special forces.

The signal processing of Retia's ReTwis 5⁺ radar is optimized to detect small changes caused by human or animal movement, allowing it to locate, for example, a person based on breathing alone.

The ReTwis 5⁺ radar uses UltraWideBand (UWB) radar technology. UWB technology is specific for its high resolution, difficult to jam, and virtually non-interfering (non-interfering) with other radio systems. Another advantage is the ease of signal penetration through walls or other non-metallic obstacles.

maximum radar range
it takes to launch the radar

Visual outputs of objects hidden behind the wall are displayed based on the processing of impulses reflected from them. The average transmit power is only 2 mW. Since ReTwis 5⁺ does not transmit most of the time, but only receives, the potential human exposure is significantly lower than that of a conventional mobile phone.

Its small size, light weight and long standby time make the ReTwis 5⁺ radar a highly mobile device for multifaceted use, especially by security and armed forces. It is a success, for example, in the USA, where it is used under the brand name POLR by the Federal Security Forces in the fight against organised crime.

The main advantages of the radar include its light weight, high battery capacity and intuitive operation, which the operator gets used to after a short training.

radar Retwis

radar Retwis