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Czechoslovak Group is continuously investing in its expansion and in improving production and innovation in its member companies. It reinvests a significant part of its profits. In addition, it finances its growth with loans from leading banks and by issuing bonds.
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Kinetic Group Acquisition

David Štěpán answers questions concerning the acquisition of the Kinetic Group

Myths and Facts About CSG and its Proposed Acquisition of the Kinetic Group

We are building on the heritage of our ancestors who laid the foundations of modern industry. Our products are here to ensure a safe and stable future for everyone.

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CSG Annual Report 2023

CSG increases revenue by two-thirds in 2023, EBITDA more than doubles.

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Corporate governance

We do business responsibly

Corporate governance

At Czechoslovak Group, we apply strict management and control mechanisms, which reflects our experienced management, ensuring responsible and efficient management of the company.

Leadership & Governance

Compliance program

At CSG, we emphasize minimizing corruption risks and are actively engaged in preventing corruption and unethical behavior. The programme is underpinned by a code of ethics and provides mechanisms for reporting unethical behaviour, thereby promoting transparency and integrity in all aspects of our business.

Compliance program
Members of the Audit Committee of Czechoslovak Group a.s.

JUDr. Olga Nahodilová

chairwoman of the Audit Committee

date of Birth: September 20, 1986

address: Cyrila Bouda 605/6, 674 01 Třebíč

membership start date: 1 December 2019

entry into office: January 1, 2020

Ing. František Jirásek

Member of the Audit Committee

date of Birth: February 26, 1969

address: Lonkova 472, 530 09 Pardubice

entry into office: October 1, 2020

Ing. Jana Hubáčková

Member of the Audit Committee

date of Birth: August 12, 1969

address: Brozanská 524, 533 52 Staré Hradiště

entry into office: July 1, 2021

CSG Group Board of Directors

The group has grown continuously since its inception and the growth has been hard worked by our extremely active owner, management and all employees.

David Chour

David Chour

Executive Director

Our vision and mission
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From the heart of Europe we will build a strong global brand, at the cutting edge of modern industry. Our products will help ensure a secure and stable future.
We create solutions and technologies that future generations can build on. We build on team players: proud, smart and agile companies around the world. Together, we will be among the world leaders in industrial innovation and sustainable development.
About CSG

We care about the world we live and work in

We grow sustainably. We continuously invest in the companies that are part of the Group, also with the aim of reducing the ecological footprint and energy intensity of their production. We are developing our corporate governance and continuously improving conditions for our employees.

Environmental support

Industry with respect to the environment.

CSG strategy

  • We are committed to minimising our environmental impact and exploring opportunities in renewable energy.
Industry with respect to the environment.Responsible industry starts with people.Responsibility in every decision.

Social responsibility

Sustainable corporate governance

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Annual Financial Report 2023
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