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Czechoslovak Group (CSG) is a dynamically growing group of development, manufacturing, and trading companies delivering innovative solutions worldwide.
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The main pillars of CSG's business are the defense and security industry, automotive, aerospace, and railway industry.

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From the heart of Europe, we are building a strong global brand, the pinnacle of modern industry. Our products will help ensure a safe and stable future.
We create solutions and technologies that future generations can build on. We rely on team players: proud, smart, and agile companies worldwide. Together, we will be among the world leaders in industrial innovation and sustainable development.
CSG value pillars
Heart. Heritage. Horizon.
We are a reliable partner
We are a reliable partner for our customers, suppliers, and employees worldwide.
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We bring innovative solutions
We are proud of our ancestral industrial heritage
We are always looking for new opportunities
History of the CSG Group

We also have companies with tradition beyond hundred years

Before CSG
1324 - 1850
Founding of the Excalibur Army

Czech entrepreneur Jaroslav Strnad founded Excalibur Army, a company trading in military material and equipment, the nucleus of the CSG group.

The first production area in Přelouč

Excalibur Army has acquired its first production site, a former military repair facility in the Czech town of Přelouč.

Business expansion to Slovakia

The founder of the group expanded his business to Slovakia, where he took over the management of several defence industry companies.

Business expansion into the railway industry

Jaroslav Strnad took over the Czech company DAKO-CZ and expanded his business into the railway industry.

Purchase of Tatra together with Promet Group

Jaroslav Strnad together with entrepreneur René Matera acquired the well-known Tatra trucks company and it recovered from the previous crisis within a short time.

Purchase of military repairs in Šternberk

Excalibur Army won the competition for the sale of military repair facility in Šternberk, which quickly became the most important manufacturer of military and special land systems in the Czech Republic.

Establishment of the Excalibur Group holding

The companies controlled by Jaroslav Strnad were incorporated into a holding structure, which initially bore the name Excalibur group.

Renamed Czechoslovak Group (CSG)

The holding company was renamed Czechoslovak Group, abbreviated CSG, and has used this name ever since.

New companies in the group

New companies were acquired to CSG: radar manufacturer RETIA, aircraft repair shop JOB AIR Technic and luxury watch manufacturer ELTON.

New company Tatra Defence Vehicle

In addition to acquisitions of existing companies, a greenfield company was established: the military land systems manufacturer TATRA DEFENCE VEHICLE (abbreviated TDV).

Transfer of ownership of the CSG to Michal Strnad

The founder of the group Jaroslav Strnad handed over the ownership to his son Michal and went to work for the newly established holding CE Industries.

New division CSG Aerospace

Within CSG, the CSG Aerospace division was established, incorporating radar manufacturers ELDIS and RETIA and air traffic control system developers CS Soft and ATRAK.

Purchase of Fábrica de Municiones de Granada

CSG acquires the first manufacturing company in Western Europe, buying ammunition manufacturer Fábrica de Municiones de Granada (FMG for short) from GDELS.

Acquisition of a majority stake in Fiocchi

CSG acquired a majority stake in Fiocchi, the world's leading ammunition manufacturer with operations in Italy, the UK and the US, becoming a global group.

Owner of the Czechoslovak Group

We are building on the heritage of our ancestors who laid the foundations of modern industry.


Michal Strnad

Chairman of the Board and owner of the CSG
People on the CSG Board of Directors

The key co-workers of the owner Michal Strnad at the level of holding management are members of the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board. These are experienced professionals with many years of management and international experience, who are usually also executive managers responsible for the area in charge. The members of the Board of Directors are elected and dismissed by the General Meeting or the sole shareholder of CSG.

Sustainability in CSG

We care about the world we live and work in.

We grow sustainably. We continuously invest in the companies that are part of the Group, also with the aim of reducing the ecological footprint and energy intensity of their production. We are developing our corporate governance and continuously improving conditions for our employees.

Environmental support

Industry with respect to the environment.

CSG Strategy

  • We are committed to minimising our environmental impact and exploring opportunities in renewable energy.
Industry with respect to the environment.Responsible industry starts with people.Responsibility in every decision.

Social responsibility

Sustainable corporate governance

Career at CSG

We employ over 10,000 people in Europe and the USA

We are constantly looking for skilled individuals of various professions for our corporate family, from development and manufacturing to sales and finance. We offer everyone equal opportunities for growth.

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production of Tatra chassis
Tatra Phoenix on the production line
engine repair of transport aircraft in Job Air Technic
Howitzer Dita
3D modelling of the new Tatra car
production of Dako brakes
designing of PRIM watches
work on a computer with software from Atrak
Pandur 8x8
Tatra Fest
iron work