Electromechanical brakes DAKO-CZ

The DAKO KKBE electromechanical disc brake unit developed by DAKO-CZ breaks through established technical solutions and surpasses the performance of other manufacturers of braking systems for rail vehicles. The product is part of the DAKO Brake By Wire concept.

The DAKO KKBE brake unit belongs to the "air free and oil free" product line, which does not need compressed air or oil management to stop trains. It is designed for complete trainsets of suburban units and metro cars. However, it can also be used on modern passenger and freight car designs: the KKBE electromechanical brake unit is fully controlled by the DAKO iRB brake control and is compatible with all commonly used rolling stock control systems.

DAKO-CZ sees the future in electromechanical braking systems. They represent a revolution on the railway. In the future, these electromechanical braking systems will gradually replace both pneumatic and hydraulic braking systems. This is also because they are environmentally friendly.

DAKO-CZ is a manufacturer of pneumatic, electromechanical and hydraulic braking systems for rail vehicles. Brake systems and components for freight and passenger cars, suburban units, locomotives, subway cars and trams. DAKO-CZ has its own development and has a modern testing laboratory. This enables it to respond quickly to customer requirements. The company is based on quality and more than two centuries of tradition.