Eldis built its own radome for the first time

The Radom is a weatherproof, spherical-shaped radomeshield that protects the radar antenna. Eldis Pardubice has so far bought it from a manufacturer in America. By developing its own radome, it has once again advanced in its efforts to supply customers with its own comprehensive solution.

For primary, secondary and precision approach radars, Eldis Pardubice manufactures up to 90 percent of the radar components itself. It was different for radomes until now. The company procured them from a US manufacturer and due to their high purchase price, this item could put Eldis at a disadvantage in some tenders.

That is why the decision was made to develop their own radome in Eldis Pardubice. Thanks to a grant and in cooperation with partners, which were the University of Pardubice and the development company New Space Technologies, the development and design work was successful. The advantage of the new radome is that it is designed directly for Eldis antennas and radar systems. However, this does not prevent the company from offering them separately.

However, the main benefit of this innovative project will be the ability to tender radar systems including its own radome. Currently, the radome is standing and being tested on an antenna polygon near the village of Bezděkov near Pardubice.