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Fiocchi Munizioni

Small arm ammunition

World leader in small caliber ammunition for hunting, sporting and security forces

About Company

Fiocchi Munizioni was founded in 1876 in the Italian city of Lecco by Giulio Fiocchi, whose descendants are still shareholders of the company and are active in its management. The company produces small caliber ammunition for hunting, sport shooting, and also security forces and the military.

  • In its headquarters in Lecco, Fiocchi Munizioni manufactures all the ammunition components that make up its products.
  • It is also active in the USA, where its subsidiary Fiocchi of America produces small caliber ammunition primarily for the American market.
  • The company is a proud partner to a number of top sport shooters and biathletes.
  • The Fiocchi group’s portfolio also includes the companies Baschieri & Pellagri in Bologna, Italy, and British Lyalvale Express in Lichfield.
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