Containers even for NATO

Manufacture and service of specialized containers, container and box bodies.

About Company

Karbox is a leading Czech manufacturer of containers and box superstructures for both military and civilian customers. The company’s tradition dates back to 1960. It is now primarily engaged in the designing and manufacturing of ISO-certified container solutions, and it also carries out repairs.

  • It provides comprehensive servicing and repairs of containers and superstructures.
  • It services and assembles Multilift and Marrel hook loaders.
  • It provides special containers, container workstations, and box bodies for both military and civilian customers.
  • The most common types which it supplies include residential, storage, social, energy, medical, rescue and ammunition containers.
  • It also supplies special extendable workshop superstructures. In cooperation with the Czech Technical University in Prague, this company is developing the SAWER (Solar Air Water Earth Resource) and EWA (Emergency Water from Air) projects, which enable the extraction of water from very dry air.
  • Company Address
    KARBOX s.r.o.

    Tovární 1553
    535 01 Přelouč
    Czech Republic

    KARBOX modulární kontejnery, CSG