Pocket Virtuality

Augmented and virtual reality

An augmented reality solution that makes sense

About Company

Pocket Virtuality is a pioneer in software solutions in the field of mixed reality (AR—augmented reality and VR—virtual reality). Its Fata Morgana platform offers professional tools for manufacturing companies, architecture, and the defence industry.

Pocket Virtuality’s solution lets users for example:

  • Visualize any 3D data in space (machines, equipment, or buildings).
  • Create and display AR work instructions and workflows.
  • Collaborate remotely in the same environment using virtual teleportation.
  • Scan a 3D environment and create 3D models from it in minutes.
  • Company Address
    Pocket Virtuality a. s.

    Jankovcova 1566/2b
    17000, Prague 7

    Pocket Virtuality brýle, CSG