Retia, a.s.


Military and security systems, recording systems

Development and production of military, security and recording systems

About Company

Retia is a technology company based in Pardubice. Founded in 1993, it develops, manufactures, and upgrades radars, anti-aircraft missile assets, command and control systems, recording systems, UWB locating equipment, and communication systems.

  • The company carries out its development and research.
  • It develops, manufactures, and upgrades radars and weapon systems.
  • It produces the C4I2 command and control system as well as the ReDAT system—a smart solution for recording, storing, and analyzing customer interactions in the dispatching and ATM/ATC sector and in contact centers.
  • Its products are used in military and security applications and are in operation in more than 50 countries worldwide.
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    RETIA, a.s.

    Pražská 341
    530 02 Pardubice
    Czech Republic

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