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Access to airspace for drones

About Company

UpVision provides superior services in airspace management and access for drone operators. It simplifies the complex issue of safe navigation for the integration of drones into enterprise applications and for their use in public sector services.

  • It develops applications to facilitate data sharing among unmanned systems, manned systems, and airspace management.
  • It focuses on innovative concepts for safety features and high levels of automation, using the latest technologies and operating procedures.
  • UpVision is a member of the European U-Space Demonstrators Network, and it participates in a number of prestigious foreign and domestic research projects focused on applied research, verification of selected technologies, and operating procedures for U-Space.
  • Company Address
    Upvision s.r.o.

    Mladoboleslavská 1081
    Kbely, 197 00 Praha
    Czech Republic

    Upvision drony, CSG