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VÝVOJ Martin

Special containers and mobile control towers

Specialist in the design and manufacture of mobile and modular towers, navigation systems and special military and civilian containers

About Company

Vývoj Martin was established in 1998 on the grounds of ZTS VVÚ Martin, a former state enterprise. Its history dates back to 1954, when a development center was established along with the commencement of licensed tank production at the company named Turčianske strojirny Martin. Since 2016, Vývoj Martin has been part of the MSM Group.

  • Vývoj Martin designs and manufactures Mobile Air Traffic Control airport towers.
  • It manufactures special-purpose containers.
  • It repairs and modernizes a variety of special-purpose vehicles, with a focus on radar and air defence systems.
  • It designs, manufactures, and repairs the NARASYS (Navigation Radio-Beacon System) radio-navigation system for civil and military air traffic control.
  • Company Address
    VÝVOJ Martin a.s.

    Komenského 19
    036 01 Martin
    Slovak Republic

    Prevádzka Banská Bystrica
    Sládkovičova 29
    974 05 Banská Bystrica
    Slovak Republic

    VÝVOJ Martin, CSG