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About Company

This company was founded in 1937 in a newly built plant as part of the Škoda Plzeň Group. In 2015, it became part of the MSM Group.

  • ZVS holding focuses on special-purpose production, and especially the production of large and medium-caliber ammunition for tanks, artillery, and rocket launchers, and on the production of mortar rounds.
  • It also focuses on the production of pyrotechnic components and fuses.
  • Due to growing demand, the company is increasing its production capacity both in Dubnica nad Váhom and in the eastern Slovak town of Snina, where a new production plant will be built in 2024.
  • Company Address
    ZVS holding, a.s.

    Štúrova 925/27
    018 41 Dubnica n/Váhom
    Slovak Republic

    ZVS Holding