CSG Defence to present itself at the IDEB defence technology fair in Bratislava

Slovakia is the home market of a number of companies belonging to the Czechoslovak Group (CSG) alongside the Czech Republic, which is why they will be exhibiting at this year's IDEB defence technology fair, which is regularly held in Bratislava. The upcoming IDEB 2024 will take place from 14 to 16 May, and the stand of the CSG Defence division, which represents defence technology manufacturers within the CSG group, will feature Tatra Export in cooperation with Tatra Defence Slovakia, MSM Group, MSM Land Systems, Karbox, Czech Camouflage Systems and Tatra Defence Vehicle. The main exhibits of the joint stand at Stand 101 in Hall D will be mainly military vehicles and ammunition for heavy military equipment, and it will be the largest stand of the IDEB fair with an area of 600 m2.

Tatra Export, in cooperation with its partner company Tatra Defence Slovakia, will present the entire range of Tatra vehicles for military purposes. Tatra medium and heavy logistics vehicles are used in many armies around the world, including NATO armed forces and, of course, in the Slovak army. Moreover, Tatra Defence Slovakia has the capacity to supply new Tatra vehicles to the Slovak army in the future. The production of Tatra vehicles for the Slovak army would also mean the creation of new jobs in Slovakia and a high level of self-sufficiency of the Slovak army in logistics vehicles. Visitors and experts will be able to get acquainted with the latest Tatra military vehicles and chassis for special systems, especially logistics rollers, fuel tankers or hook loaders, and the presentation will be complemented by a large exhibit in the form of the Tatra Force 8x8.

The joint stand of the CSG Defence division will also present companies covered by the MSM Group holding, namely ZVS Holding, VOP Nováky and the Spanish company FM Granada. They are among the traditional manufacturers of various types of medium and large calibre ammunition. The professional and general public will be able to see, for example, ammunition for 30 mm calibre cannons, 105 mm and 120 mm calibre tank ammunition meeting NATO standards or 125 mm calibre ammunition suitable for the so-called Eastern Standard equipment. Companies will also display artillery ammunition of 105 mm and 155 mm NATO calibre and 122 mm calibre for older non-NATO artillery systems.

In addition, there will also be presented training ammunition for tanks and artillery and, last but not least, mortar ammunition of 60 mm, 81 mm, 98 mm, 120 mm calibre or unguided rockets of 122 mm calibre of the Grad system. The exhibition will also include pyrotechnic components and fuses needed for the production of ammunition. In the outdoor exhibition, it will also be possible to see the command post located in a specialised container, as well as the mobile control tower for the Disk 2 field airfield produced by Development Martin, which also belongs to the MSM Group.

MSM Land Systems will bring an armoured Patriot 4x4 vehicle to Bratislava, which it plans to offer to the Slovak armed forces. The company will also present its programmes for the repair and modernisation of tanks or tracked infantry fighting vehicles, as well as its expertise and certifications in tank inspection. During IDEB 2024, MSM Land Systems also plans to conclude cooperation with its partners, such as Patria and Rheinmetall. In addition, Tatra Defence Vehicle from Kopřivnice, a manufacturer of armoured vehicles such as the Pandur II 8x8 and TITUS, will be present at the joint stand of CSG Defence.

Karbox and Czech Camouflage Systems will present themselves at a separate stand. Karbox will present the Marrel hook loader and a new type of transport platform on a Tatra chassis, which has recently passed military tests. Czech Camouflage Systems offers a wide range of camouflage for vehicles, and in Bratislava will present a multispectral camouflage camouflage in mobile and static versions on the cab of a Tatra car.

About the CSG

CSG, a global industrial-technology group owned by Czech entrepreneur Michal Strnad, has key manufacturing facilities in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Italy, India, the UK and the USA and exports its products worldwide. CSG is continuously investing in the development of its companies while expanding in its core businesses. The Group includes, for example, the Czech automotive company Tatra Trucks, the world's leading manufacturer of small-calibre ammunition Fiocchi and the Czech radar manufacturer Eldis. More than 10,000 employees work in CSG companies and affiliated companies. In 2023, the Group's consolidated sales reached CZK 42 billion. CSG's main industries are mechanical engineering, automotive, rail, aerospace, defence and munitions. CSG's products can be found on every continent thanks to its strong export orientation.