CSG has expanded its Board of Directors with two new members

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The Czechoslovak Group, an industry and technology group owned by Czech entrepreneur Michal Strnad, is strengthening its Board of Directors. As of the New Year, Zdeněk Jurák, CFO of CSG, and Lukáš Andrýsek, who hold the positions of CEO of the CSG Mobility Division and CEO of Tatra Trucks, have been appointed as new board members. The other members of the Board of Directors will remain in their positions.

The Board of Directors now has seven members. Its Chairman is the group’s owner, Michal Strnad, while Chief Operating Officer David Chour is one of two Vice Chairmen, alongside General Counsel Ladislav Štorek. The Board of Directors also consists of four Members: Petr Formánek, Director for Acquisitions, David Štěpán, Investment Director for Foreign Projects, and Zdeněk Jurák and Lukáš Andrýsek.

“Zdeněk Jurák took our CFO position in June last year, and thanks to his extensive experience, he quickly established himself in this role. Lukáš Andrýsek has successfully launched our company DAKO-CZ as its CEO, and his new task is to double production in Tatra. He is concurrently leading our key CSG Mobility division. Both of the newly appointed members of the Board of Directors have stood up well in their roles, and I look forward to our cooperation in managing the group,” stated Michal Strnad, Chairman of the Board of Directors and owner of CSG.

Zdeněk Jurák joined CSG in June 2023 in its CFO position, which until then had been held by David Chour. Last year, Chour became the Group’s Chief Operating Officer and handed over his CFO responsibilities to his successor. Zdeněk Jurák arrived at CSG from the KKCG group, where he worked for over eight years. He has also worked in the Generali PPF Group and in the audit team of the consulting firm Mazars. Jurák is a graduate of Mendel University in Brno. During his studies, he completed an internship at the University of Illinois in the USA. He is ACCA/DipIFR certified and is a certified accounting expert.

Lukáš Andrýsek has been with CSG since 2016, when he joined its member company DAKO-CZ. He served there as Chief Financial Officer, and since 2018 as Executive Director. Later he advanced to the position of CEO and became Chairman of the Board of Directors. Under his leadership, DAKO-CZ expanded rapidly in terms of its production and financial results. In the spring of 2023, he became the CEO of Tatra Trucks, where his main task is to increase production so that Tatra achieves its goal of 2,500 vehicles per year within the next few years. In the summer of 2023, Lukáš Andrýsek became the CEO of the newly formed CSG Mobility division, whose primary members are Tatra Trucks and DAKO-CZ, a manufacturer of brake systems and components for railway vehicles.

Lukáš Andrýsek is a graduate of the Silesian University in Opava, where he majored in economics and IT. Prior to joining CSG, he worked for over eight years in various financial management positions at Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech.