CSG supports a promising Czech driver on his way to Formula 1

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The Czechoslovak Group (CSG) has become the main partner of young racer Roman Stanek, who is the only Czech representative in Formula 2. The talented nineteen-year-old driver is currently the only Czech prospect who could race in the top competition of formula car racing. CSG has therefore decided to support Roman Stanek with the aim of achieving this goal together - participation in Formula 1 races. On Sunday, 11 February 2024, the CSG logo was unveiled for the first time on the Czech driver's race car and equipment at the test drives in Bahrain.

"The CSG Group is historically linked to the world of Czech motorsport through our car company Tatra. Roman Staněk has been racing since he was nine years old and it is only thanks to his performance that he has made it to Formula 2. As a strong and dynamically growing group, we understand the ambition and determination to break through on the international stage and want to achieve participation in the famous Formula 1 with Roman Stanek. We support young talents who have a healthy drive, want to achieve success and pursue their goals with diligence. Roman Staněk is an example of this," says David Chour, COO of CSG.

Roman Stanek at the tests in Bahrain

Roman Stanek at the tests in Bahrain

Roman Staněk, a native of Valašské Meziříčí, has made it through successful seasons in kart racing and lower formula series to Formula 2, in which he is racing for the second year. At least one driver a year can make it from this competition to Formula 1, which is his goal. He is confident that he can make it through this season, when Formula 2 is switching to the new generation of monoblocks, and fight his way to the front in the races and the overall championship standings.

I sacrifice everything for racing, I work hard and do everything I can to reach my dream. That's why I really appreciate the support of CSG, which will allow me to make more starts in Formula 2. CSG is a strong partner and a respected brand and I will be proud to represent my new main partner and strive to achieve Formula 1 together.

Roman Staněk

Formula 2 racer

"We believe that many spectators find formula races very attractive and we are glad that we can bring them closer to this sport thanks to the support of the only Czech representative in top formula races. We believe that he will show the spectators his racing skills, bravery and talent to the fullest," adds David Chour.

Roman Stanek at the tests in Bahrain

Roman Stanek at the tests in Bahrain

CSG Group is close to the history of Czech motorsport. The CSG Group owns the Tatra car factory, which is the third oldest in the world. It has been in operation since 1850, produced its first car in 1897 and has significantly influenced the global automotive industry throughout its history. Tatra trucks have raced in the Dakar Rally for decades and Tatra has historically supported some of the race teams.