CSG's revenues and operating profit increased in 2020.

The industrial-technology holding CSG released its consolidated financial results along with its annual report for the year 2020. In 2020, revenues reached more than 15 billion CZK, an increase of 27 percent from the previous year. Operating profit stood at 1.47 billion CZK, a slight increase of just under 7 percent year-on-year. This continues the uninterrupted growth of the CSG group since its inception.

As for the non-consolidated results, which also concern affiliated companies that are not directly part of the holding, revenues reached 25.7 billion CZK, and the EBITDA indicator amounted to 3.2 billion CZK.

From the EBITDA perspective, Tatra Trucks, the car manufacturer, performed the best, contributing half a billion to the holding's result. Excalibur Army created an EBITDA of 375 million. Slovak Training Academy, which trains helicopter pilots in Košice, Slovakia, together with its sister company European Air Services, achieved an EBITDA of 485 million. The manufacturer of braking systems and components for rail vehicles, DAKO-CZ, reached almost 300 million CZK.