CSG supported the Military Solidarity Fund again this year

The CSG Industrial Technology Group has long supported the Military Solidarity Fund. On the occasion of War Veterans Day, CSG spokesman Andrej Čírtek presented a symbolic cheque for 200,000 crowns to Colonel Robert Speychal, Chairman of the Military Solidarity Fund Committee. Veterans' Day is commemorated worldwide on 11 November, on the occasion of the end of the First World War.

The handover took place as part of the programme of the commemorative event, which is held annually on Peace Square in Prague. This year it took place on Friday, 10 November. The Prague 2 municipal district organised it in cooperation with the Army of the Czech Republic, the Czechoslovak Legionary Community, the Association of War Veterans of the Czech Republic and the Military Historical Institute.

Visitors could purchase the traditional symbol of the War Veterans Day - the poppy flower, visit the grove of crosses and honour the memory of fallen soldiers by laying flowers or placing a cross with their own message, watch the accompanying programme or see the historical or modern military equipment on display.

The main idea of the Military Solidarity Fund is to help soldiers and their loved ones in difficult life situations that they have not got into through no fault of their own. The Fund was established on 9 March 2015 as a joint project of the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic and Charity Czech Republic.

Let us recall that the impetus for the establishment of the fund was an event in July 2014, when a report came from Afghanistan: 'Five Czech soldiers serving in a NATO operation abroad were victims of an IED explosion in the vicinity of Bagram base in Parwan province, in addition to several civilians and two Afghan police officers. Four of them died on the spot, the fifth one succumbed to serious injuries a few days later after being transported back home."

In the context of this tragic event, the then army command decided to support the creation of a fund that quickly and effectively helps in critical situations. CSG has long supported it in the spirit of its motto: We help those who help and protect those who protect us. In past years, it has been through fundraisers, charity auctions of Prim watches, and this year in the form of a check.