CSG supported the SDGs Awards, which are granted by the Association of Social Responsibility

Since 2017, the Association of Social Responsibility has been granting the SDGs Awards. This year's edition was supported by the CSG group. The winners of each category will receive a truly exceptional reward for their activities aimed at achieving sustainable development goals within their organizations: PRIM watches, specially made for this purpose by Elton hodinářská.

The SDGs Awards are named after and inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted by the UN in 2015. The Czech SDGs Awards are granted in the following categories: Diversity, Equality and Inclusion, Education, Innovation, Technology and Circular Economy, Development Cooperation, Peace and Partnership, Young Leader, Climate Change and Biodiversity, and a Special Award by Kateřina Fialková. You can read more about the awards on their website.

The CSG group is very active in the field of sustainability. This commitment is also why they decided to support this year's SDGs Awards. They are taking gradual steps to meet the individual goals for a sustainable future. For example, in their 2023 sustainability report, they committed to implementing a Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI) policy across the entire group by the end of 2024.

The DEI Policy, focusing on diversity, equality, and inclusion, is a significant theme throughout the group. This policy aims to create conditions that allow everyone to fully develop their potential while respecting and valuing differences among people. Building a diverse and inclusive workplace culture is important because it positively impacts all areas, from recruitment and employee loyalty to innovation and performance.

Currently, women make up a significant portion of the workforce in some CSG group companies. The highest percentage, over 60%, is at Elton hodinářská, the company manufacturing the mentioned watches for the SDGs Awards. However, Elton is not the only company within CSG with a substantial female workforce. For instance, women constitute 45% of the employees at the Italian company Fiocchi Munizioni and even 46% at the Slovak company VOP Nováky.

"Women bring many positive values to our company," says the director of Elton hodinářská

But let's focus on Elton hodinářská. This unique manufactory is located in Nové Město nad Metují, in eastern Bohemia. This year, the company celebrates its 75-year history of watchmaking, and it is led by the energetic CEO Renata Červenák Nývltová. It is quite unusual for a watchmaking company to be run by a woman.

Renata took the helm at a time when Elton was not doing well. Since 2018, when she started at CSG as the purchasing director, she had her office directly at the headquarters of this traditional company. Gradually, she began to notice the problems that the manufacturer of the Czech “Prim” watches was facing and was convinced that she knew the solution. When the then-CEO left Elton in the fall of 2020, she boldly asked the owner of CSG, Michal Strnad, for the position. She was also motivated by the fact that she herself is a native of Nové Město. Her healthy confidence and intuition paid off. Today, Elton hodinářská is a prosperous company, and the demand for PRIM watches continues to grow.

CEO of ELTON HODINÁŘSKÁ, Ing. Renata Červenák Nývltová

CEO of ELTON HODINÁŘSKÁ, Ing. Renata Červenák Nývltová

The successes in leading the company were further confirmed by Renata Červenák Nývltová's nomination for the prestigious Manager of the Year award. Among the ten finalists, she was the only woman, highlighting that Czech companies still have progress to make regarding women in leadership positions. The role of women in corporate culture and values is becoming an increasingly significant topic in the modern work environment. ELTON hodinářská is one of the companies that can be a role model in this regard. As mentioned, more than 60% of the company's employees are women, and there is also a high proportion of women in managerial positions.

"Women definitely bring many positive values to our company, such as empathy, flexibility, and a focus on teamwork. This not only improves the overall work environment but also helps us better understand the wishes and needs of our customers, who respond very positively to this," reflects the CEO, continuing, "The involvement of women in various aspects of corporate life certainly brings greater diversity of thought. It supports innovation, improves teamwork and motivation, and, of course, creates a balance that is key for the healthy growth of the company."