Czechoslovak Group owned by Michal Strnad and its products help fight coronavirus pandemic

The Czechoslovak Group holding owned by Michal Strnad, and its companies help fight the coronavirus pandemic in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The Tatra vehicles used by Czech rescuers, firemen and the Czech Army have priority repair and maintenance at Tatra Trucks, a CSG subsidiary company, these days. CSG representatives also donated respirators to the Pardubice Region last week to deal with the consequences of the pandemic.

The backbone of the logistics resources of the Czech Army and Czech firefighters' fleet is made of Tatra trucks which now help distribute the medical and other strategic material across the country: Soldiers and firefighters have transported accommodation containers/shelters and instruments for military paramedics and police officers to the Czech borders and they also supply fuel to the Integrated Rescue System (IRS) units.

Tatra Trucks acknowledges the key role of Tatra vehicles in the times of pandemic. Therefore, its management has taken measures to support the operability of Tatras used by the Army and the IRS. The manufacturer has therefore set the highest priority for Tatras used by the Army and IRS within the dealer and repair and maintenance service network, including the company service centre in Kopřivnice.

The CSG headquarters have meanwhile decided to help the Pardubice Region, to which its representatives handed over a shipment of respirators last week. These will be used in the region to protect those directly involved in the fight against the pandemic.

CSG products in Slovakia are also helping to cope with the crisis caused by the spread of the infection. Medical containers manufactured by the MSM Group, another CSG subsidiary, now serve as contact points for patients with suspected coronavirus infection in Trenčín. Other medical containers are used in Trnava and Bojnice.

Despite these hard times, CSG gives priority to its employees and supports them as much as possible. The CSG management takes a maximum care of their safety and provides for comfortable working conditions. At the initiative of Michal Strnad, the owner of the holding, more than ten thousand kilograms of fruit have been delivered to the employees of all the holding companies. Fruits, especially oranges and apples, have been directed primarily to production workers, but also to employees across other industrial segments.