ELDIS Pardubice celebrates 30 years

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On Friday, July 2, exactly thirty years will have passed since the day when four founders registered the company ELDIS Pardubice in the commercial register. Over three decades, the company has grown and developed its know-how in the production of active radars, having installed more than one hundred of them in over 25 countries across four continents. Entering its thirtieth year, ELDIS has a full order book and holds the title of "Medium-sized Exporter of the Year" according to a survey by the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic. For this significant anniversary, the company also introduced a new logo and visual identity.

ELDIS, originally a small company, was founded by former employees of the Institute for Radiotechnology Research, which was a part of the globally renowned Tesla Pardubice. The main idea was to continue in the legacy of the famous Tesla, a goal which was achieved, and the dream of manufacturing a complete proprietary radar system was realized during ELDIS's existence. 2003 marked a significant milestone when the company installed its first full radar system at Krumovo airport in Bulgaria. This was the MSSR-1 secondary surveillance radar. The company's most significant success was in the Indian market, where it has been active since 1999. Today, its radars cover 99 percent of India's airspace.

In 2012, the company managed to secure a tender for eight combined RL-2000/MSSR-1 radars in strong competition. Probably no one at that time could imagine the magnitude of collaboration that would emerge between the Pardubice-based company and AAI (Airports Authority of India). The client was satisfied, and between 2014 and 2018, more contracts were signed.

Aleš Jedlička

Company director

In total, ELDIS has installed 32 new radar systems in India and modernized another 11. The success story is ongoing: recent negotiations on a long-term contract for an additional 11 radars have been successfully concluded.

Furthermore, the Pardubice manufacturer secured a three-year contract to supply complete radar sets for three Slovak military airports, a task they started this year. This contract is a significant reference in a NATO member country. This year, they will also install a radar at a local airport in Colombia, in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. There's also an ongoing significant order to supply airport radars to China. Interestingly, the latest sea shipment to China passed through the Suez Canal just before its several-day blockage in late March.

Thanks to its filled order book, the company has grown significantly since 2017, adding a hundred new employees, bringing the total to over 250. Therefore, ELDIS decided to build a new production hall with administrative and storage facilities. The hall, in which the company invested thirty million Czech korunas, provided 1440 square meters of new production space, and besides assembly, the service team also got new space. It was approved at the beginning of this year. Last year, despite the pandemic, ELDIS earned 783 million Czech korunas with an operating profit of EBITDA 278 million Czech korunas.

The ongoing pandemic situation unfortunately prevents celebrations of the anniversary with the company's partners and employees. However, a celebration for the employees is planned for early September. The company mainly commemorates its anniversary by changing its logo and visual identity. The four-leaf clover, which symbolized the four founders since 1991, is replaced in the modernly designed logo by the symbol of a radar wave. Along with introducing the new logo, the company also launched a new website.

We see the new visual identity as a kind of transition. Of course, we recognize the roots of our company and appreciate the work of our founders, but today we are part of the industrial-technological holding Czechoslovak Group and its CSG Aerospace division. Joining this group and intensive cooperation with companies in the aerospace sector should help us open new markets in the future and fulfill the company's business strategy, where one of the main tasks is the realization of orders in Western markets.

Aleš Jedlička

Company director

About ELDIS Pardubice:

ELDIS Pardubice, s.r.o. is a purely Czech company, founded in Pardubice in 1991, and this year celebrates its 30th anniversary. Since its inception, it has primarily specialized in the development and production of radar technology and systems for air traffic control. Currently, it is the leading Czech manufacturer of active radar systems. The company's products are used by customers in more than 25 countries worldwide, including the Czech Republic, serving both civil organizations responsible for air traffic control and military entities. The company's most critical current products are the primary surveillance radar RL-2000, the secondary surveillance radar MSSR-1, and the precision approach radar PAR-E. All these systems use modern, exclusively semiconductor technology, are modularly expandable, and fully comply with EUROCONTROL and ICAO standards. Since 2017, ELDIS Pardubice has been part of the industrial holding Czechoslovak Group and its CSG Aerospace division.

About the Czechoslovak Group:

The Czechoslovak Group (CSG) is a holding that builds on the tradition of Czechoslovak industry. It supports the development of traditional Czech and Slovak companies involved in both defense and civil industrial production and trade. The companies incorporated into the CSG holding, which generated revenues of more than 25.7 billion Czech korunas in 2020, employ over 8100 people. The primary industries of CSG are mechanical engineering, automotive, railway, aviation, and defense. Thanks to the holding's strong export orientation, one can encounter CSG company products on all continents, and its customer base is continually growing.