Eldis Pardubice opened a new hall and increased its production capacity

The Pardubice radar manufacturer, after successful years in which it gradually hired more than a hundred new employees, significantly increased its production capacity. The new production hall, along with administrative facilities, was ceremoniously opened after Easter by the CEO of ELDIS Pardubice, Aleš Jedlička. The construction of the hall, which is connected to the existing one, cost ELDIS 30 million crowns. The company's production space increased by 1,440 square meters.

In 2017, ELDIS Pardubice employed 152 workers. By 2020, this number had grown to over 250. This is a two-thirds increase in new employees in just three years. Consequently, both production and office spaces became overly crowded. This led to a project to construct a new hall, which now also accommodates three automatic Kardex vertical storage units and office areas.

We had planned the opening of the new hall towards the end of last year. We wanted to coincide it with an event for our employees, but the pandemic situation made this impossible. So, we gradually settled into the new space, and the ribbon-cutting that officially opened the hall after Easter was more of a symbolic act. But it's still a significant one for the company's future development.

Aleš Jedlička

Company director

The new hall is an extension of the existing production area. It’s equipped with an overhead crane and allows the dispatch of finished products directly to Dělnická Street, where the Pardubice company is based. There’s also a space for radar servicing, which until now took place under more constrained conditions. The administrative section houses four floors of office spaces for administrative employees, as well as development and design staff.

The new spaces mark a significant milestone for our company, which will celebrate its 30th anniversary this summer. We were able to breathe and gain the necessary space for orders, thanks to the support of the CSG group, both in Europe and on other continents.

Aleš Jedlička

Company director

For the second year now, ELDIS Pardubice is handling a significant order to supply airport radars to China. They are also starting the delivery of RPL-2000 radar systems for three Slovak army airports, which is an essential order in a NATO country. A breakthrough came when the radar manufacturer secured a contract in South America to supply a radar system for a local airport in Colombia, located in the heart of the Amazon rainforest.

In 2020, despite the coronavirus pandemic, ELDIS Pardubice recorded sales of nearly 783 million crowns. The company's EBITDA reached almost 280 million crowns. The company managed to train radar operators in China remotely due to travel restrictions. Trade fairs were practically non-existent, and salespeople had to cope with travel limitations.

Besides the new hall and office spaces, the company is also introducing a new logo and visual identity for its anniversary. They plan to unveil these in June, depending on the current pandemic situation. ELDIS Pardubice is also planning a celebration for its 30th anniversary with an event for its employees.

About ELDIS Pardubice:

ELDIS Pardubice, s.r.o., established in 1991 in Pardubice, celebrates its 30th year of existence this year. Since its inception, it has specialized in the development and manufacturing of radar technology and systems for air traffic control. Currently, it's the leading Czech producer of active radar systems. Their products are used in over twenty-five countries worldwide, including the Czech Republic, by both civilian and military entities. Their key products are primary surveillance radar RL-2000, secondary surveillance radar MSSR-1, and precision approach radar PAR-E. All these systems utilize modern semiconductor technology and are in line with EUROCONTROL and ICAO standards. Since 2017, ELDIS Pardubice has been a part of the industrial holding Czechoslovak Group and its CSG Aerospace division.

About Czechoslovak Group:

The Czechoslovak Group (CSG) is a holding company that continues the tradition of Czechoslovak industry. It supports the development of traditional Czech and Slovak companies involved in both defense and civilian industrial manufacturing and trade. In 2020, companies under the CSG umbrella generated sales exceeding 25.7 billion crowns, employing over 8100 people. CSG's primary sectors include engineering, automotive, railway, aviation, and defense industries. Thanks to its strong export orientation, CSG products can be found on all continents, with a continually growing customer base.