Excalibur Army has introduced a new logo and corporate identity at the Eurosatory

Eurosatory, the most prestigious showcase of defense and military technology in Europe, is taking place this week. It also features companies belonging to the CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP holding, including EXCALIBUR ARMY, which started a new phase of its existence at the exhibition.

This year's Eurosatory is exceptional for EXCALIBUR ARMY, as during a ceremony on the first day of the trade fair, it will be unveiling a brand-new logo and corporate identity with the participation of distinguished guests and media representatives and the public. "Our company has gradually transformed over time, evolving from a dealer of military technology into a company that is now engaged in the development, design and production of military vehicles and sophisticated technologies. In addition, we are increasingly cooperating with Western industrial partners. All this means that we have entered a new phase of EXCALIBUR ARMY. The new logo and company identity must clearly symbolize and show it," said Tomas Mohapl, managing director of the company during the ceremony in Paris.

The logo is more than just a name of a company. EXCALIBUR ARMY perceives it as a bearer of the values the company believes in, and also as a symbol characterizing the nature of the company, its activities, where it is going and what it aims to achieve." Over the past 22 years, we have made incredible advances from a mere dealer of surplus military equipment to a leading Czech engineering company in the field of special production. But we have not forgotten where we come from, so we try to offer our customers and partners the best we can, with natural humility," added Mr. Mohapl. The new logo and corporate identity therefore show customers and partners that EXCALIBUR ARMY can offer simple and straightforward solutions, as well as complex and sophisticated products, tailored to their requirements.




EXCALIBUR ARMY is a leading Czech company in the field of production and sales of ground-based military technology and weapon systems for ground forces with twenty years of tradition. Its main plant and production company is based in Šternberk, where the development, production, modernization and overhauls of special ground equipment on wheeled and tracked chassis takes place. EXCALIBUR ARMY acquired the Šternberk plant from the Czech government as the highest bidder in a situation where the company had no contracts and was laying off its employees on a large scale. The new private owner managed to find new orders for the factory with more than 90 percent of the production intended for export. EXCALIBUR ARMY currently employs nearly 600 people, most of them in the Šternberk plant. They are designers with university degrees, as well as highly qualified workers, experts in the field of production and repairs of armored vehicles. The turnover of the company reached nearly 2.1 billion CZK in 2017.

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