Fiocchi has a new CEO

Press releases
David Štěpán, Member of the Board of Directors of CSG Group and its Investment Director for International Projects, has become the new Chief Executive Officer of Fiocchi Munizioni. He will be responsible for both the parent company and its subsidiaries Fiocchi in the United States, Baschieri & Pellagri, Fiocchi UK and Lyalvale Express.

David Štěpán was directly present at a significant part of the acquisition process, on which he worked intensively with Petr Formanek, member of the CSG Board of Directors and Director of Acquisitions. Fiocchi is also not his first foreign engagement. During his time at KPMG, he worked for three years in the audit department of its Australian branch and for three years he also held the position of CFO of the largest commercial television station in Bulgaria, part of the CME media group.

CSG's acquisition of Fiocchi was completed in November 2022 and a new CSG Ammo+ division was created from its companies. Fiocchi is a world leader in the production of small-caliber ammunition based in Italy, which owns a comprehensive range of global brands: Fiocchi Munizioni, Baschieri & Pellagri and Lyalvale Express. Fiocchi Group produces ammunition for hunting and sport shooting (the leisure segment) and, to a lesser extent, for security forces. It currently employs more than 1300 people on two continents.