Holding Czechoslovak Group bought the company cs soft

Czechoslovak Group a.s., the Czech holding of industrial companies, bought in its portfolio the company CS SOFT a.s., an innovative Czech software developer for air traffic control with a long tradition. The transaction price is not public.

The Czechoslovak Group a.s., an industrial holding company, 100% owned by Czech businessman Jaroslav Strnad and managed by his son Michal at the position of general manager, has the main pillars of business activity in the automotive, railway and defence industries. However, it is also growing in the area of the aerospace industry: its members are also aircrafts repair shops Job Air Technic or company European Air Services focused on training and other aviation services.

CS SOFT a.s. is primarily concerned with the research, development, implementation and after-sales service ATM (Air Traffic Management) solution for a specific aviation area - air traffic control. The company was founded in 1988 by Ing. Ivan Camrda, who is managing the company until today. Among the most important customers of CS Soft are, in addition to the Czech state-owned company Řízení letového provozu (Air Traffic Control Company), also organizations of Air Traffic Control in United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Philippines, Israel, Lithuania, Indonesia, Slovenia and the USA.

Michal Strnad, general manager of Czechoslovak Group, said to the new acquisition: "In addition to orientation at traditional industry, we also aim at the high-tech industry. Thanks to our global business network, we want to play the role of strategic investor, which will bring to CS Soft expansion to new markets and strengthen its position against strong competitors in Europe and in the world.“

Ing. Ivan Camrda, the founder and owner of CS Soft, says: "The company that I built will celebrate next year 30 years of its existence. I am proud of my employees and of what we have been able to do in CS Soft in that period. Our long-term experience in the area of development and implementing systems has helped to increase the level of air traffic control services in the Czech Republic and in some other countries. At the same time, we managed to create an interesting, operationally proven portfolio of products for which we would like to find even greater use abroad. I am therefore glad that the holding company Czechoslovak Group, which I consider a prominent player in the Czechoslovak industry with a likable philosophy of business activity and which has successfully expanded abroad, has shown interest in us. From our cooperation, I especially expect the increasing of our competitiveness and support in international trade. "

Ing. Ivan Camrda will continue to work with his son in the company and manage it in terms of future development. The holding Czechoslovak Group and its business-oriented companies will bring new business opportunities to CS Soft.

About the company CS SOFT

CS SOFT is the first and at longest existing Czech private software company with nearly 30 years old history that develops highly advanced certified ATM (Air Traffic Management) systems with all service support available to all customers. Products and services of CS SOFT, including for example area control systems (ACC), approach services (APP), tower control (TWR), flight information service (FIS), or Data Interchange Systems between individual airport components are at the world's top and compete with leading multinational corporations in the industry. The company has several development centres in the Czech Republic, which closely cooperate with air traffic controllers, airports, handling agencies and rescue services, as well as leading Czech universities. In addition to air traffic control systems, the company is also engaged in the development and delivery of other products such as multi-trackers, simulators for air traffic dispatchers and products, adapted to airport operators. CS SOFT also cooperates with the world's leading aerospace producers such as Airbus Defence and Space or Israel Aerospace Industry or institutions such as the Czech State Enterprise Air Traffic Control of CR.

About the holding of CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP

"CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP (CSG) is a holding following the tradition of Czechoslovak industry, which supports and further develops the activities of traditional Czech and Slovak companies in the field of defence and civil industrial production. Its portfolio includes the production and sale of engineering products for automotive, railway and aircraft industry, or brake systems for rail vehicles, watchmaking industry, special vehicles, off-road trucks, weapon and weapon system or ammunition. The Group puts a strong emphasis on the quality of its products and services and on export activities. The holding company's products can be found on all continents and the number of its customers is still growing. Companies of the holding CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP employed in 2017 more than 8,000 persons and generated in the year 2016 revenues in the amount of CZK 15.4 billions


Contact person: Andrej Čírtek, andrej.cirtek@czechoslovakgroup.cz, +420 602 494 208