Introducing the new CSG Mobility division, which combines DAKO-CZ and Tatra

Press releases
Our group has undergone a significant reorganization within the divisional structure. The merger of CSG Rail and CSG Automotive has created an exceptionally strong CSG Mobility division. The new division brings together the largest and oldest domestic CSG companies: DAKO-CZ, a manufacturer of braking systems and components for rail vehicles, and Tatra Trucks, a truck manufacturing company. DAKO-CZ was founded in 1816, and the history of Tatra Trucks dates back to 1850. The two companies will now write the next chapters of their history together.

The merger into the new CSG Mobility division will maximize the use of synergies between both key and associated companies, and will draw upon the long-term experience and strengths of both strong and reputable brands. Lukáš Andrýsek, who has been the CEO of Tatra Trucks since this spring, has taken over the leadership of the CSG Mobility division. He came to Tatra from DAKO-CZ.

In connection with the creation of the new division, some colleagues have also moved to key positions within CSG Mobility. These colleagues include: Rudolf Bureš, who will become the financial director of the division, and Stanislav Pometlo, who will become the production director. Jaromír Štverák will oversee activities in the Middle East and India. Tomáš Hajšman will play a key role in business development, and will be joined by other colleagues in the future. Tomáš Prášil will take over the position of technical director with the aim of technically and procedurally covering key projects, rationalization activities, and activities leading to increased efficiency and productivity of technical and production processes, and coordination of research and development activities. Barbora Lubojacká has become the director of digital transformation, with the task of implementing new IT systems for the division with her team.

In addition to DAKO-CZ, the CSG Mobility division also includes its subsidiary companies: the Ostrava-based manufacturing company DAKO-CZ MACHINERY; the Most-based repair company DAKO-CZ SERVICE; and Transelco, a manufacturer of erectors. In addition to the aforementioned domestic companies, the CSG Mobility division will also include Indian companies MEDHA DAKO-CZ, JWL DAKO-CZ and DAKO-CZ India, which will support these companies. The division also includes Tatra Trucks and its subsidiary Tatra Metalurgie, as well as the Přelouč-based company, Truck Service Group. A total of two and a half thousand employees work within the companies included in the CSG Mobility division.