Lukáš Andrýsek becomes the CEO of TATRA TRUCKS company

Press releases
A new general director, Lukáš Andrýsek, is coming to TATRA TRUCKS on April 1, 2023, whose task is to increase Tatra's production capacity and optimize the order flow through the company to meet the growing demand of customers. The current general director Pavel Lazar will continue in TATRA TRUCKS, he will manage the upcoming company TATRA CLASSIC covering activities in the field of museology and will become the chairman of the supervisory board of TATRA TRUCKS.

To change to the position of general manager, currently in connection with the development of TATRA TRUCKS. Pavel Lazar managed Tatra for more than three years, during which the company stabilized, grew organically, and prepared a long-term strategy for its development with a focus on the gradual expansion of production, modernization of product lines and the introduction of new green drive technologies and autonomous driving. Now it is necessary to concentrate on increasing production capacities, growth, better functioning of the supply chain and optimal passage of the order through the company.

For this task, the shareholders, holdings CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP (CSG) and PROMET GROUP, elected Lukáš Andrýsek, who has worked for almost seven years at DAKO-CZ, where he held the position of financial and later general director. DAKO-CZ, a manufacturer of brake systems for railway vehicles based in Třemošnice, expanded rapidly under his leadership. Revenues increased during his tenure from CZK 950 million in 2016 to CZK 2.48 billion in 2022, EBITDA rose from CZK 116 to 550 million in the same period. The production of brake systems expanded to city of Ostrava and, in the form of two JVs, to India.

David Chour, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of CSG, states: "We thank Pavel Lazar for the way he shifted Tatra during his agency. We want to continue to use his communication skills and expert knowledge about the Tatra Trucks company, which is why we have agreed that he will cover from the position of director of the newly founded company TATRA CLASSIC the extensive activities of the Tatra in the museal sphere and with that related relations with the city of Kopřivnice and the Moravian-Silesian region. At the same time, he will become the chairman of the TATRA TRUCKS Supervisory Board. In agreement with another shareholder of Tatra, PROMET GROUP, we are now sending to Tatra one of the most experienced managers of the CSG holding company, who has proven his ability to develop the company DAKO-CZ and our RAIL division, specialized in business in the railway industry."

Denisa Materová, a member of the PROMET GROUP board of directors, states: "Pavel Lazar came to Tatra after successfully managing our company TAWESCO which was part of the Tatra company in the past. Thanks to this, he had a great knowledge of Tatra and was the ideal manager for stabilizing the company and setting the strategy according to which Tatra will continue in the coming years. Now, another excellent manager with extensive experience in engineering production and its expansion is coming to the lead of Tatra. We are convinced that Lukáš Andrýsek will be the manager who implements Tatra's strategy, that he will properly modernize production, increase and advance the company's capabilities."

Lukáš Andrýsek, the new CEO of TATRA TRUCKS, states: "Managing one of the most famous Czech industrial brands is for me the highlight of my work so far in the Czech industry. The shareholders expect that Tatra, strengthening global demand, will adapt its production capacity to it. Given the situation that Tatra produces mostly unique vehicles in smaller series, this is a very challenging task. But it is manageable in cooperation with colleagues in TATRA TRUCKS, our suppliers and other partners. We will do everything to ensure that Tatra continues to grow and come up with innovative products for today's world, which increasingly demands ecological mobility."

The TATRA TRUCKS company is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year since it was taken over by its Czech owners, and is preparing the premiere of a hydrogen-powered vehicle.