Lukáš Andrýsek has become the CEO of CSG Mobility

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Lukáš Andrýsek, the CEO of Tatra Trucks, has taken on the responsibility of leading the newly established CSG Mobility division, which consolidates companies operating in the automotive and rail industries within the industrial-technological holding of Czechoslovak Group. This marks the career progression of a manager who joined the CSG holding in 2016 as the Chief Financial Officer and a board member of DAKO-CZ.

In July of this year, the CSG Mobility division was established within the CSG holding. This division merges two original divisions: CSG Rail and CSG Automotive. The newly formed division represents the largest companies within the holding: DAKO-CZ, a.s., a manufacturer of braking systems for rail vehicles based in Třemošnice, and the Kopřivnice car manufacturer Tatra Trucks, along with all its affiliated companies. By merging into the new CSG Mobility division, the maximum synergies of both key companies will be utilized, leveraging the long-term experiences and strengths of both in their respective fields as strong and renowned brands.

Lukáš Andrýsek took the helm of the CSG Mobility division as its CEO, and since this spring, he has also been the CEO of Tatra Trucks. He previously served in DAKO-CZ, where he began in 2016 as the Chief Financial Officer. From 2018, he served as the Executive Director, eventually advancing to the position of General Director and Chairman of the Board. Under his leadership, DAKO-CZ experienced rapid expansion in terms of production and economic results. Revenue increased during his tenure from 950 million CZK in 2016 to 2.65 billion CZK in 2022. EBITDA over the same period grew from 116 million CZK to 542 million CZK. He oversaw the establishment of five subsidiary companies in the Czech Republic, expanded brake system production to Ostrava, and through two JV and one subsidiary, also expanded to India. At Tatra, Lukáš Andrýsek is tasked with increasing production, aiming to reach a goal of 2,000 vehicles per year within several years.

David Chour, Executive Director of the CSG holding, commented on Lukáš Andrýsek's appointment to the leadership of the CSG Mobility division, saying: "Even though rail and automotive are different sectors, there are synergistic effects that led us to the decision to combine them within the CSG holding into one division. With Lukáš Andrýsek's profound knowledge of both industries and the key companies of this division, he is ideally placed to seek out these synergies, such as in the Indian market where both DAKO-CZ and Tatra are engaged. Over his seven years in top positions at CSG companies, he has proven his outstanding managerial and business skills."

Lukáš Andrýsek, CEO of the CSG Mobility division and Tatra Trucks, stated: "I accepted the leadership of the CSG Mobility division with the conviction that this organizational change in the structure of the holding and the simultaneous connection of the division director's functions and its key company in my person will significantly help in the further development of Tatra Trucks and DAKO-CZ. At the division level, a team of experienced managers will assist me, responsible for the business or technical development of member companies."

Lukáš Andrýsek is a graduate of Silesian University in Opava, specializing in Economics and IT. Before joining the CSG holding, he worked for over eight years in various financial management positions at Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech, s.r.o.