Tatra Trucks company unveiled the new generation of the Tatra Force model line

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On May 24, during the PYROS 2023 trade fair, the new generation of Tatra Force model line was unveiled. In a world premiere, the Tatra Trucks company presented new vehicles in a fire engine design, but of course they will also be offered in variants for other segments. The new generation will expand the range of vehicle versions compared to the current generation of the Force model line, thereby also replacing the Terra model line in the Tatra Trucks production portfolio.

The third generation of the Tatra Force model line, in addition to a fundamental improvement of the concept with a low profile cabin and an engine above the front axle, brings an expansion of the portfolio with front placed engine vehicle variants. "Tatra Force is our key model line and has great development potential. This is proven by the new trucks presented today, which have thoroughly improved cabins, chassis and a wide range of modern engines, which will also complement alternative drive systems in the future," said Lukáš Andrýsek, Tatra Trucks CEO, today at the world premiere of the new vehicles.

The ceremonial act took place at the joint booth of Tatra Trucks and THT Polička, with the participation of the General Director of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic, Maj. Gen. Vladimír Vlček, President of the AOBP Jiří Hynek, Director of THT Polička Stanislav Červený, representatives of Tatra Trucks led by General Director Lukáš Andrýsek, and shareholders of Tatra representing Czechoslovak Group and Promet Group holdings. The media and visitors of the PYROS 2023 trade fair were introduced to new vehicles, including a tank fire truck on a 4x4 chassis with a four-door cabin and a fire superstructure from THT Polička, and also a 6x6 chassis with a short two-door cabin, prepared for the installation of a fire tank. The car manufacturer will offer the new generation of the Tatra Force model line in traditional as well as new segments, namely for fire and rescue services, armies, and security organizations, but also for example for the mining or construction industry, for manufacturers of special superstructures, and in other sectors.

Opening ceremony

Opening ceremony

New comfortable and safe cabins in short and extended versions

New cabins with a redesigned skeleton and modern design elements bring increased safety and a new level of comfort for the driver and the entire crew, including a better view from cabins. "Both short and extended cabs are characterized by a low overall height, which enables passage in low profiles and reduces the risk of damage to vehicle. There is integrated protection for the crew in the event of the vehicle overturning, and protection against falling objects is also available for the two-door variant. We also chose the new cabin design with regard to more comfortable and easier entry into the driver's and passenger's seats and maximum safe entry into the rear part of the extended cabin," explained Radomír Smolka, director of research and development of Tatra Trucks, who is in charge of the development of the new trucks.

With the two-door cabin, it is possible to choose a configuration of seats for a crew of two, three and four, including the driver. The four-door cab has full-sized space for the rear row of seats and offers a basic configuration for a crew of six including the driver, or extended for a crew of eight with seats in three rows. "In the cabin equipped with new cladding materials, we installed a modern instrument panel combining classic switches and control via the display, the driver also has a multifunctional steering wheel at his disposal. A new feature is the option of installing air-suspended seats for the driver and passenger, the crew also has a new heating and air conditioning unit at their disposal, which is complemented by improved cabin insulation," explained Radomír Smolka.

Proven chassis, modernized V8 and V12 Tatra engines

The new generation of Tatra Force trucks is based on a Tatra chassis with a central backbone tube and swinging independently suspended half-axles. That is why the new vehicles have the same exceptional driving characteristics as the previous two generations both in the terrain and on the roads. Above all, the vehicles have above-average approach angles, very good drive abilities in difficult terrain and driving stability. The basic versions in the offer will be represented by 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 chassis with disc brakes on all wheels. As with previous generations, however, multi-axle versions with different numbers of driven and steerable axles are also available to customers. The new trucks in the firefighter versions also have as standard the protection of electrical and air installation and wires located on the chassis using heat-resistant materials.

new generation tatra force

new generation tatra force

"In the basic version, the new generation vehicles will be equipped with a modernized electronically controlled air-cooled Tatra V8 engine with a power of up to 340 kW. Some variants can also be equipped with a new generation of air-cooled Tatra V12 engine with an output of up to 440 kW," added Radomír Smolka. Liquid-cooled Cummins engines will also be part of the standard offer, including Euro VI versions for selected markets. The vehicles can be equipped with ten or fourteen-speed Tatra transmissions with improved electronic shifting, as well as a twelve-speed ZF TraXon automated transmission or a six-speed Allison automatic transmission.

The first generation of the Tatra Force model series began to be delivered by the Tatra Trucks in 2007. In 2016, the second generation came to the market, which brought the modernization of the standard two- and four-door cabs, the essential innovation was the expansion of the offer to include versions of axles with disc brakes and new steering system taken over from the Tatra Phoenix model line. At that time, Tatra Trucks also started to offer armored cabins for the Force model line, also in two- and four-door versions, in cooperation with the Tatra Defense Vehicle company. This option will be retained in the latest third generation as well.