Thanks to the sponsorship of the employees, the hockey players got new jerseys

A unique sponsorship program that has been running at Czechoslovak Group since 2017 continues this year. Employees of the CSG holding company who are involved in organizing leisure activities and charitable activities have the opportunity to register their projects again. If they succeed, they will receive up to 20 thousand crowns. Last year, CSG’s sponsorship supported, for example, the ice hockey team of employees of the Mošnov company JOB AIR Technic, whose member is also Vojtěch Kudla, who answered questions.

What exactly did you receive the contribution from CSG for and how did you use it?

The contribution was used to purchase a light set of hockey jerseys for all current members of our "team" JOBAIR Hockey Team.

Did it help you?

Yes, it helped. Before we got the light jerseys, we only had a dark set of game jerseys, and if necessary, we had to play in "inside-out" jerseys. A complete set of jerseys is not exactly cheap, so we really appreciate the help.

Are you involved in hockey? How did you get into it? Did you play it as a child, for example, or did you get into it later?

I played hockey as a child until the age of 15 (regional championship). Then I started playing again during my employment at JAT. Over a few years, I managed to gather enough people to be able to train/play every week.



here do you play – what is your home stadium?

Currently, we primarily play at the ice rink in Studénka, where we have a "training/match" every Wednesday against a team of similar composition to ours. In addition to these regular matches, which are not part of any league, we have already had several friendly matches with teams that participate in some amateur competitions nearby.

What position do you play?

Currently, I play as a left defenseman.

How do you manage training in terms of time?

We play every week on Wednesday evenings after work. Due to twelve-hour shifts, it can be a bit complicated for people who are not currently at work and are not local. However, I currently have enough people from both shifts, so we can always make it work with enough players. The most important thing for me is that we meet regularly. The whole team consists only of JAT employees. Everyone involved enjoys it and it makes sense to keep pushing it forward.

Do you have any plans in connection with hockey?

Our plan for the future is to participate in some local amateur hockey league – but due to the twelve-hour shifts, it will not be entirely easy to organize. It will be possible when our roster expands with a larger number of people and I believe that this will happen, as JAT is constantly growing and new employees are coming – and there is always someone interested in hockey.