The United States Army bought ReTwis 5 radars from the Pardubice-based company Retia through CSG USA

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The unique product of the Pardubice-based company Retia has been successfully used in the armed and security forces of the United States of America. Radar ReTwis, which makes it possible to identify the location of living organisms behind a fixed partition, is offered in the United States by CSG USA under the name POLR-1. Among the users of the radar is also the US Army, which acquired it for its special forces. Other markets with significant potential for this small portable radar are Vietnam and other countries from Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

The ReTwis 5 radar system from the Pardubice-based company Retia, which successfully passed certification within the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 2020, found its first customers in the USA very quickly. In the summer of last year, CSG USA, the local branch of the Czech industrial-technological holding Czechoslovak Group, delivered to police units in Phoenix and San Antonio several pieces of ReTwis 5 radars, which are being offered in America under the name POLR-1. In both cities, radars have already been deployed in live actions, helping local police forces to detect and defuse dangerous offenders.

Following the success among the police forces, the federal armed forces and some federal states also opted for radars from the Pardubice-based manufacturer. Overall, the existing contracts for the American market include the delivery of several dozen pieces. The price of one of the latest generation ReTwis sets corresponds to the price of a mid-class car.

ReTwis 5, or POLR-1 radars, are arousing active interest not only in the US but also in other parts of the world. Retia's portable radar system has also caught the attention of the armed and security forces of Vietnam and several countries in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. In addition to its business success, ReTwis has also earned awards from the professional public. Recently, the radar succeeded in the MoSAIC Challenge 2022 held in Israel, where it placed first in the Human Detection Presence category.

Retia continues to develop this promising technology. ReTwis should acquire the ability to more accurately identify the position of an object, not only through a perpendicular partition but also through the ceiling or floor, which will expand the possibilities of its tactical use.

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